Tuesday, September 22, 2009

20 Great Ways Your Company Can Use Twitter

20 Great Ways Your Company Can Use Twitter:

1. Introduce yourself
2. Introduce your business
3. Talk about a new product
4. Talk about a new service
5. Introduce a new employee
6. Announce an upcoming in-store event
7. Tell others about what you’re doing in the community
8. Promote a contest
9. Promote your industry
10. Get feedback about in-store service experiences
11. Use it as an online customer service department
12. Post an online-only "coupon"
13. Apologize publicly for a shortcoming
14. Promote a local charity event
15. Announce a significant company anniversary
16. Name an "employee of the month"
17. Direct people to your company Website and blog
18. Address a negative news article about your company or industry
19. Ask for ideas from customers about what possible new services/products they want you to offer
20. Post an online survey

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