Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Media Release: Launch of Abbott Resume Service


Media Info Sheet:
The Launch of Abbott Resume Service
Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Contact: Stephen Abbott, owner, also president of Abbott Media. 603-785-7796; abbottmedia@comcast.net

The Story? The recently launched Abbott Resume Service offers the "21st Century Resume", a bold, two-column resume format with introductory boxes that set off topics to gain added attention - but in a dignified and professional manner. Prices start at $60. That undercuts other resume preparation services, which can charge up to $500 for an ordinary resume. The service will also prepare the standard, 20th Century format resume.

Why is this Newsworthy?: As the economy softens, more and more people are out of work. Job search stories are relevant, timely and important. Stories about resumes and job searches in general are important to your readers. This resume service offers a unique, two-column resume that isn’t offered by any other resume service.

"The launch of an innovative resume service was timed just right for the job market. The economy is in a bad place right now and there is a great need for affordable, effective resumes to help job-seekers. A bold resume that’s also complete and factual will be more likely to get results for those seeking fast re-employment or a second job." - Stephen Abbott, owner, Abbott Resume Service

www.21res.com and www.21stcenturyresume.com