Saturday, November 21, 2009

Don’t Need PR When You’re Doing 'Fine'? Think Again.

"I'm doing fine, right now. I don't need anyone to do PR for me."

Uh-oh. I've heard this several times now in the past few weeks and it's potentially a very dangerous attitude.

Anyone who's doing "fine" in these tough economic times should be very grateful - or they have “defined down" what "fine" actually means. Either way, kudos to you if that's how you feel.

One need only hearken back to late 2008 and earlier this year to remember what it means NOT to be doing fine. No one needs a reminder that the economy fell off a cliff, and while it's been clawing its way back ever since, it's not there yet for most businesses.

But back to doing "fine." Even if that is the case, there's no guarantee that your business will continue to do so. Whether it's government stimulus money or some other program that's artificially propping up your profession and spurring temporary spending, or whether you simply, and suddenly, have enough business NOW (for the first time in a long time) you shouldn't take public relations for granted.

PR can lay the groundwork for consistent, sustained growth. A few simple steps right now can not only keep your name in front of the customers you may need in the near future, it can also build your reputation amongst those who don’t even know they need your product or services, and can make everyone feel better about you, even if they never need to call on you.

Not investing in PR when you have no business is almost understandable (although that, too, is a poor idea.)

But not effectively working to promote yourself and your business when things are seemingly picking up is a potentially dangerous idea.

Bottom line: Don't be lulled into thinking things are going to automatically go back to what they were without any effort to reach old and new customers with public relations. Because they won't.

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