Thursday, January 26, 2012

Abbott Media Launches World Politics News MicroBlog

News Release
Thursday, January 26, 2012
Contact: Stephen Abbott 603.341.0372; stephen(at)

Abbott Media Launches World Politics News MicroBlog

Abbott Media, a New England-based company that innovates and inspires micro-businesses that serve others, has launched World Politics News ( a MicroBlog dedicated to expanding our knowledge of politics around the world.

Each day, World Politics News seeks out links to news stories that inform readers of the vital political and cultural stories that are shaping the world, but are under-reported (and sometimes completely ignored) by American media companies.

The site not only links to stories, in the format pioneered by Matt Drudge, but will feature short MicroStoriesTM of up to 250 words or less that encapsulate vital world events and bring them to readers in a smart, efficient and easily understandable way.

Abbott Media founder Stephen Abbott, a former newspaper reporter and public relations consultant, will serve at the project’s administrator and chief editor. He says the project will fill important gaps in American news coverage.

“News media in the United States are dropping the ball by not delivering world news effectively and in a way that informs us about the political currents shaping our world,” he said. “These currents could, as they reach our shores, turn into tidal waves or Tsunamis that effect our quality of life. To be ill-informed about politics in Asia, Europe, Latin America or Africa is to be blind to what’s going to happen to us in the next decade, or even next week.”

Abbott says the project will seek out guest reporters and will accept advertising, grants and donations to fund a full-time staffing operation.

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