Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Public Relations in Six Words

Become known - This is the core of everything Public Relations does. If you and your business are unknown, you don’t really exist. Your profile must be raised in order for your services or products to be sold and for your business to flourish in the long term. At the core of Abbott Public Relations is the ability to help you launch a business or help make an existing one better known.

Become known for doing - Being known is great, but known FOR WHAT? If customers have to ask, “What is it that you do, exactly?” then your previous efforts at becoming known have been all for nothing. Clarity, precision and detail must underscore your core business. APR brings this to its clients with creativity and a sharpness of vision. We’ll work with you to clarify your business mission and will craft ongoing strategies to get that message to those who need to hear it.

Become known for doing good - Being known is wonderful. Being known for doing good is even better. Customers want to do business with companies that are socially responsible. Search engine giant Google has a slogan: “Don’t be evil.” While many companies aren’t evil, per se, they aren’t known for being “good,” either. Goodness reaps almost immediate benefits by generating good will for your company, and APR can let your relevant publics and the wider community know about that goodness with a clear communications strategy.

Become known for doing good within - You may know who your customers are, and may even direct a lot of attention to them. That’s a good business practice. But what about the customers WITHIN your company - your employees? Are you neglecting to communicate effectively with THEM? If so, that can undermine all of your external communications efforts. The first step towards positive growth and becoming known for doing, and being, good is to examine the assets you have working for you, ensure that THEY know the good your company is doing, and ensure that they are contributing to that goodness. APR can create internal communications strategies that reconnect you to your greatest asset, and that will set the stage for EXTERNAL growth and prosperity.

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